Master the day

I had my last radiation on Friday 10 and that was the end of all cancer treatments. It was a very emotional moment. 8,5 months with treatments – surgery, chemo, radiation. I still have quite severe pain in joints and muscles, especially at night. This is the main reason why I sleep so little. I have woken up early for years, like 5ish, but now it is 2 or 3. This leaves me tired both physically and mentally. The Letrozol pills I have to take for 5 years has these side effects so I guess I will be struggeling with this for a while. 

Now it is time to rebuild, heal and gain strength both in my body and my mind. I didn’t know that cancer treatments would make you fat and damage your brain. I have much work to do and I will never be the same person as I was before cancer – I will be so much better!

To get this work done I am following the advice in this excellent book: Master the day by Alexander Heyne. I bought the audio version and I am half way through. The message is to build small daily habits and then keep the momentum going. This is perfect for me. I will not be fixed in 21 days, but rather a year. I have an app on my phone, Momentum, to keep track of my daily habits. This is a very useful tool, and necessary, because my short term memory is really bad right now.

So I am marching on, ever so optimistic about my future and looooving my life!

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