Long due update

I am doing well. 

Sort of. I just don’t have very much energy. Hardly any at all.

My body is getting used to the medication, so I don’t have as much pain as I used to. Very grateful for this.  I am working 3 days a week, which is enough. 

For the last week I have had this terrible cough which drives me crazy. Due to my medication I already have sleepless nights. The endless coughing does not help.

I finally managed to go for my morning walk today, first time in a week. I have an appointment with my miracle woman Ljiana today – acupuncture and reflexology. 

The pounds keep piling on as the energy keeps pouring out. Waiting for the spring to change things up. To get in shape. To get my strength back. To be more social.

Waiting for the spring?! Get a grip. JUST DO IT. TODAY.

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